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Who We Are

We are locally owned and operated Unlimited A licensed General Contractor who specializes in Grading and Paving. Our company prides itself on establishing the highest level of excellence in everything we do, which is why we are confident that the quality of our work is our most significant defining trait.

A Brief History

CC Starting


CC, since its inception in 1984, has successfully been on the cutting edge of the grading and paving industry. After a failed attempt with another company, Elden Cahoon and Richard Clark, aka “Dick and Ellie,” took their combined 80+ years of experience and molded a vision into what CC Construction brings to the table today.

How Kenny Got Started


Kenny Clark often went by the nickname of “Dick and Ellie’s boy” throughout the valley. His journey with CC began as a young boy and would later turn into a lifelong career in 1986 after graduating from Southern Utah University with a degree in Construction Management. His skills quickly developed which is a reason why he is still considered one of the best equipment operators in the valley.

Kenny and Dicks partnership


In 2008, Kenny stepped into the role of being a business partner with Dick. This change came with a heavy toll on the company. Ellie, Dick’s lifelong friend and Kenny’s second father figure, fell ill and passed away. Ellies influence on CC Construction was critical to the company’s success throughout the years.

Our Team


As a team, Dick and Kenny have continued to develop CC Construction into the entity it is today. Their partnership has pushed the company through economic struggles, as well as shifted the business model to push the company to new heights. CC is still known to produce high quality service at a competitive price, and the company is always eager to work with others who are all looking to make Las Vegas a better place to live.

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